Our Goals

As members of DISC we share a common goal, to work towards positive change in the area of income support for people with disabilities in Saskatchewan. As DISC has developed our vision of a distinct income security program for people with disabilities, we have laid out key principles for an improved system:

  • Adequacy– People with disabilities should have an adequate income that truly meets their needs without the indignity of having to justify their needs. Lifelong disability and subsequent economic insecurity needs to be a consideration. What does DISC consider adequate? A disability income should be enough financial support to meet individual needs, not just basic needs. Our primary aim is to see an income system that offers both an adequate baseline income for people with disabilities and a user-friendly mechanism to address individual financial needs based on the impact of disability.
  • Hope and Security– People with disabilities must have financial accommodations so that they can live their lives with hope, respect and dignity instead of a system of disincentives.
  • Person-Centred and User Friendly– People with disabilities should be able to expect a dignified service that focuses on their individual financial needs as its reason for being. Financial accommodation should be easily accessible with consistent, respectful income workers who have the mandate and power to respond quickly to individual discretionary needs.
  • Higher Income Exemptions– People with disabilities need to be adequately accommodated as they move into training or employment. Income exemptions need to be increased to eliminate disincentives to employment and independence. Rapid reinstatement needs to be a working principle that allows people with disabilities to feel secure as they move in and out of employment opportunities.
  • Consistent Implementation– People with disabilities should be able to expect a portable and flexible income system that meets their individual needs no matter where they choose to live in the province.

These principles describe a respectful system that truly accommodates disability. It moves away from a welfare-based system that is insufficient, disrespectful and degrading and was never meant to meet the needs of people who may rely on it long-term. Living with a disability should not guarantee a life of financial, emotional or spiritual poverty.

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