Please join us Oct 8 for
Please join the Saskatchewan Disability Income Support Coalition (DISC) as it provides an opportunity for candidates to outline their plans for the future of the Saskatchewan Assured Income for Disability Program (SAID).
The forum will be streamed on Facebook Live from 7-9 PM on Thursday, October 8, 2020. Viewers will have an opportunity to submit questions to the candidates using the chat function.
OPEN TO THE PUBLIC RSVP via our event link below:


DISC SAID Guidebook – April 2020 

This guidebook is meant to address the more common questions and sections of the Saskatchewan Assured Income for Disability (SAID) program. This guidebook does not look at all sections of SAID. If you have questions about an area not in this handbook, please review the SAID Policy Manual, call the SAID Service Centre at 1-888-567-7243 and/or ask a community advocate for help.

Read DISC SAID Guidebook April 2020



The Saskatchewan Assured Income for Disability (SAID) is an income support program for people with significant and enduring disabilities. In the following video, you’ll meet a group of SAID recipients and learn how rising costs are creating challenges for daily living. Please visit it here:

Don’t have 6 minutes? Check out our 1 minute teaser video HERE



The Saskatchewan Disability Income Support Coalition (DISC) was formed by a large cross section of disability advocates, consumers and organizations across Saskatchewan who are committed to advocating for a respectful, dignified and adequate income support system. DISC members have joined together to speak as one voice, working towards a distinct (or separate) income system for people with disabilities that will be built on our common vision and principles.

Our Vision

Our primary vision is to see an income system that offers both an adequate baseline income for people with disabilities and a user-friendly mechanism to address individual financial needs based on the impact of disability.

As we look towards our vision of developing a distinct income system, one thing is clear – no one can create a better system alone. DISC members believe strongly that the only way to move forward is as one voice and in a collaborative, full partnership with the Government of Saskatchewan and the Department of Community Resources. We believe that a program designed without the collaboration of community experts will lack credibility and be unsatisfactory in meeting the income support needs of people with disabilities.

As such, we see developing a distinct income program for people with disabilities as a truly joint venture between all stakeholders, each contributing equally to the process. DISC comes with one voice and we propose that the Government of Saskatchewan let us bring our rich experience and contribute our expertise to the development of a new income policy for people with disabilities.

Please click HERE to see our “What is DISC?” fact sheet.

Interested in applying for SAID?

Click the link below to be re-directed from DISC to the Ministry of Social Services SAID page.

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