Thank-you for the SAID announcement

DISC would like to thank Premiere Wall for the SAID announcement made last Wednesday (May 30th):
(Please search “Details emerge on disabilities funding” if the link does not take you to the noon news from May 30th 2012)

Government of Saskatchewan announcement can be found here:

Merv Bender, Chair of PIAT can be seen here with June Draude & Premier Wall following the SAID announcement Wednesday:

A very encouraging poster on display:
(text of poster: Saskatchewan Ministry of Social Services – Saskatchewan Assured Income for Disability – Striving to make Saskatchewan the best place in Canada to live for people with disabilities –

Hon. Premier Brad Wall with the encouraging poster at Wednesdays’s announcement:

Minister of Social Services June Draude with the encouraging poster at Wednesday’s announcement:

PIAT chair, Merv Bender thanks Premier Wall for the SAID announcement on Wednesday:

Transcript of video below:

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