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Saskatchewan Assured Income for Disability (SAID)
Saskatchewan Ministry of Social Services
What is the SAID program?
SAID is an income support program for people with significant and
enduring disabilities. SAID has been developed collaboratively by the
disability community and government.
What is the vision of the SAID program?
Saskatchewan citizens with significant and enduring disabilities
have access to an assured income program based on the impact of a
person’s disability, offering the dignity of greater choice of services
and increasing a person’s participation in community. Continued
collaboration between government and the disability community as the
SAID program is developed ensures Saskatchewan is the best place to
live in Canada for citizens with a disability.
Who is eligible?
• A person who is a Saskatchewan resident,
• Is 18 years of age or older,
• Lacks the financial resources to provide for their basic needs, and
• Has a significant and enduring disability that:
— is likely to be of a permanent or indefinite nature, either
continuously or periodically for extended periods,
— substantially impacts daily living activities, and
— requires the person to use an assistive aid, device, or service
animal or human supports.
How can I apply for SAID?
• If you have a disability and are receiving Saskatchewan Assistance
Program (SAP) benefits, you can apply by completing an application
and assessment package. To obtain an application and assessment
package, please contact your Income Assistance Worker.
• If you are not receiving income support through SAP and think
you might be eligible for SAID, please call the SAID inquiry line at:
1-888-567-SAID (7243) for more information or visit the nearest
Ministry of Social Services office.

How is SAID different from the Saskatchewan Assistance Program (SAP)?
Some of the key differences between SAID and SAP include:
• Benefits – the benefits for SAID are higher than for SAP. Effective June 1, 2012, SAID
benefits are $90/month higher for persons in residential care settings, $200/month
higher for singles living independently, and $230/month higher for couples living
• Benefit Structure – as recommended by the Task Team on Income Support for People
with Disabilities, SAID benefits include three main components:
1. The Living Income is a fixed amount of monthly income that allows beneficiaries
the opportunity to make decisions and have more control over how to spend their
income. Participants make decisions on how much to spend on shelter, food, and
other items.
2. The Disability Income is intended to assist with costs related to the impact of
3. The Exceptional Need Income is to assist with a number of special circumstances.
For example, additional income is available for clothing recommended by a health
professional, special food items, food and grooming costs associated with service
animals, and homecare.
• The presence of a significant and enduring disability is determined by a Disability
Impact Assessment. SAID beneficiaries are supported by Assured Income Specialists
who are available in 20 service centres across the province and provide the following
— Help with applications
— Case planning support
— Referrals to other organizations that provide services
— Identifying other Ministry programs for which the person may be eligible
What types of health benefits are available for SAID beneficiaries?
• Once eligibility is determined, SAID beneficiaries may be eligible for supplementary
health coverage through the Ministry of Health.
• Call 1-800-266-0695 (Regina 787-3124) for enquiries about prescription drugs, dental
and optical services, the hearing aid plan and other medical services.

Where can I find more information about SAID?
For more information about SAID, please call the SAID Inquiry Line:
Outside of Regina ) )
1-888-567-SAID (7243)))
TTY: 1-866-995-0099))
In Regina
798-SAID (7243)
TTY: 787-1065
You may also visit the Ministry website


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