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There has been very little public attention paid to the SAID election promises. (Found here) We feel that it is important to tell the Premier that his commitment to SAID and to people with disabilities in general is very much appreciated – we want to encourage the government to make further improvements to SAID in the future!

Below please find a  form letter – DISC would ask that you circulate this letter to as many people/organizations as possible and that you encourage them to send a letter to the Premier, with a cc to Minister Draude if possible. I’d ask that a copy be emailed to Judy Hannah as well.  People are welcome to add a personal note to the letter explaining what SAID will mean to them.

A link to the Thank-you form letter can be found here, or if you’d prefer you can copy & paste from the text below.



 The Hon. Brad Wall
Premier of Saskatchewan
Room 226,
2405 Legislative Drive
Regina, SK S4S0B3

Dear Premier Wall,

Saskatchewan – “the very best place in Canada to live for those with disabilities”! It was exciting to hear those words during the election campaign. Knowing that the SAID program will be expanded to include people who live independently in community and that everyone on SAID will start to receive increased benefits next year helps us to believe that we are on the road to that “best place”.

We want to congratulate you and your colleagues on your recent election victory. We also want to thank you for the commitment you have made to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities – for a long time these individuals have been ignored and undervalued. The SAID program will bring them dignity; the increased benefit rates you have promised will help them to move towards a better standard of living and will allow them to be more actively involved in their community. These changes will make a significant difference in their day-to-day lives.

People with disabilities who live independently in their community have been waiting patiently to be enrolled on SAID – now we can look forward to this becoming a reality.  Thank you too for involving the disability community in designing SAID – it has not always been easy for people with disabilities and their families to be heard. You have helped to show that they have something to contribute to our province. We look forward to continuing to work with you to make Saskatchewan the best place for everyone to live.

Yours sincerely,

{Name / Title}
{Phone number}

cc        Honourable June Draude
Minister of Social Services
Room 346, Legislative Building
2405 Legislative Drive
Regina, SK S4S 0B3

Judy Hannah, Chair – DISC (Disability Income Support Coalition)

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