Disability Income Support Coalition Congratulates the Government on Addressing the Poverty of People with Disabilities

Saskatoon, SK – The Disability Income Support Coalition (DISC) congratulates the Government of Saskatchewan for taking steps to address the issue of poverty for people with disabilities in Saskatchewan. Yesterday the Minister of Social Services, Donna Harpauer, announced that the province is moving to implement a new income system for people with disabilities. This is a major step forward in the move to improve the lives of people with disabilities in the province.

The government’s announcement speaks to the need for more dignified income support for people with disabilities. The impact of this decision is best described by people with disabilities themselves. Karen Grieman, DISC member and self-advocate says she is very grateful that the government is taking this step. “It gives me something to look forward to; it gives me hope that life will be better. We (people with disabilities) need help, we need support. I’m glad that the government is focusing on people with disabilities. This is something we needed to hear”.

Mike Richter, Executive Director of the South Saskatchewan Independent Living Centre, and DISC member agrees, “Even in the short time they have been in power, our current government has been receptive to hearing the needs of people with disabilities. Our Minister responsible for disability issues, Donna Harpauer, has established a great trust relationship with people with disabilities and the organizations that support them with her announcements”.

DISC is a coalition of people with disabilities and disability advocacy groups who have come together to work towards a separate income system for people with disabilities. DISC looks forward to working with the government in designing the program and delivery options

For Interview opportunities, please contact:

Judy Hannah, DISC Chairperson (306) 955-3344
Merv Bender, DISC member (306) 953-4461

Read the complete news release in PDF format

Additional information is available from the Government of Saskatchewan’s website.

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