Upcoming SAID Open House – Saskatoon

Please take note of the upcoming open house to help people who are on SAP with a disability flag fill out their SAID applications and assessments:


July 9th
from 10am to 4 p.m. at

Hosted by Saskatoon Equal Justice for All
at St. Thomas-Wesley United Church Hall
808 20th St West   (at Ave H South)
Elevator at the Glass doors entrance

Poster HERE

***text of poster follows***

There will be an




to help you to apply for


Saskatchewan Assured Income For Disability


Monday, July 9

10:00 a.m. – 4 p.m.


Hosted by Saskatoon Equal Justice for All


at St. Thomas-Wesley United Church Hall

808 20th St West   (at Ave H South)

Elevator at the Glass doors entrance


SAID is a new income support program for people who have the kind of                                        disabilities that keep them from working.


Every person in Saskatchewan who is receiving the Disability Allowance

on Social Assistance can apply to be in the SAID Program.


SAID is voluntary. It is up to you to decide if you want to apply for SAID.


SAID gives people with long term disabilities more money and

better benefits than the Social Assistance Program (SAP).


This Open House is a chance for you to receive help filling out the forms

to apply for the SAID Program.



Please bring your own SAID application package with you.

***poster text end***


DISC would like to thank it’s community partners for their support and time in planning and helping at these open houses. They are a huge help to people throughout the community in getting their SAID application/assessments filled out.

If you can’t attend this sessions the following organizations will be more than happy to assist you with your application and assessment:

Organizations that will provide support to individuals who are applying for SAID (For a printable list click here)

People may need to leave their contact information with an organization for call-backs.

Canadian Paraplegic
Regina 1-306-584-0101 or 1-877-582-4483
Saskatoon 1-306-652-9644 or 1-888-282-0186

CMHA Sask. Division Office
Regina 1-306-525-5601
CMHA Battlefords Branch 1-306-446-7177
CMHA Kindersley Branch 1-306-463-8052
CMHA Moose Jaw Branch  1-306-692-4240
CMHA Regina Branch 1-306-525-9543
CMHA Saskatoon Branch 1-306-384-9333
CMHA Swift Current Branch 1-306-778-2440
CMHA Weyburn Branch 1-306-842-7959  

Equal Justice for All (Saskatoon)
1-306-653-6260 or 1-306-380-6261

FASD Support Network of Saskatchewan Inc.

Gary Tinker Federation (La Ronge)

Neil Squire Society

Saskatoon 1-306-374-6191 (leave call back information)
La Ronge 1-306-425-6612 (through Gary Tinker Federation)

North Saskatchewan Independent Living Centre (Saskatoon) 1-306-665-5508 

Prince Albert and District Community Service Centre1-306-953-4461

Regina Anti-Poverty Ministry 1-306-352-6386

Regina Community Clinic (FASD) 1-306-543-7880 Ext. 268 

Saskatchewan Association for Community Living:
Saskatoon 1-306-955-3344
Regina 1-306-790-5684
Prince Albert 1-306-763-5604
Northern Saskatchewan 1-306-763-5605 or 1-855-275-7225 (Will accept collect calls)

Saskatchewan Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services
Saskatoon 1-306-665-6575
Regina  1-306-352-3323 or  1-800-667-6575

Saskatchewan Voice of People with Disabilities
Regina 1-306-569-3111
Other locations 1-877-569-3111

Saskatoon Anti-Poverty Coalition / Saskatoon Housing Coalition 1-306-655-4983

Saskatoon Equal Justice for All 1-306-653-6260 or 1-306-380-6261

Schizophrenia Society of Saskatchewan (Regina)
1-306-584-2620 or 1-877-584-2620

South Saskatchewan Independent Living Centre (Regina) 1-306-757-7452

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